Victor Junior OLVE Tournament

JOT 2020 U17


We're very proud our U17 tournament continues to be part of Badminton Europe's U17 circuit. Entries are open, and you can find all information on the Badminton Europe website. Entries can only be done by member associations, so if you want to participate, contact your national federation.

JOT 2020 U11-U15


Hi badminton friends, we're back! Very much ready for a superb 2020 tournament. For this edition, we've made significant changes to the U15 category: we've removed the group round from the U15 singles. We do this based on feedback from a number of coaches that the amount of matches for U15 players reaching the final day was just to high. It was also obvious that playing level was suffering from this high amount of matches. We know that not everyone will be happy with this change, but we're convinced it's the right thing to do and will support a higher playing level at the tournament. For U11 and U13 nothing changes.

Entries are now open and here you can find the U11-U15 documents:

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