Victor Junior OLVE Tournament

Tournament Cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis


Belgian authorities have decided today to cancel (among others) all badminton tournaments until April 19th. Therefore, we are obliged to cancel Victor JOT 2020.

We know this is very hard on all players and coaches who want to continue playing the sport they love and it's also hard on us, since we worked a whole year to make this tournament happen. However, given the crisis all of Europe is currently facing, public health takes precedence over everything else.

If you have any questions, please send them to and please take into account that answering them might take some time because we face a lot of work these days.

Jeroen De Vries - Victor JOT Tournament Director

Corona Update


We're getting a lot of questions about whether we will cancel the tournament due to the current Corona virus outbreak. Given the current circumstances, we really believe the tournament will be able to take place as planned and we're working hard to achieve that. Obviously, we don't know what the situation in over a month will be, and we might have to reassess this, but we are committed to do everything we can to allow the tournament to take place.

Everyone's safety is of course paramount, but the Belgian authorities currently don't want any events to be cancelled. Besides that, the events that would first be cancelled if the outbreak grows worse are events with large amounts of spectators, while at our tournament we mainly have players, coaches and parents.

As has been the case the previous years, we have a large amount of inscriptions and all those players are looking forward to compete in the tournament. As long as safety allows it, we really want to give them that chance.

We will keep you updated about this situation on our website and Facebook page.

Jeroen De Vries - Victor JOT Tournament Director

JOT 2020 U17


We're very proud our U17 tournament continues to be part of Badminton Europe's U17 circuit. Entries are open, and you can find all information on the Badminton Europe website. Entries can only be done by member associations, so if you want to participate, contact your national federation.

JOT 2020 U11-U15


Hi badminton friends, we're back! Very much ready for a superb 2020 tournament. For this edition, we've made significant changes to the U15 category: we've removed the group round from the U15 singles. We do this based on feedback from a number of coaches that the amount of matches for U15 players reaching the final day was just to high. It was also obvious that playing level was suffering from this high amount of matches. We know that not everyone will be happy with this change, but we're convinced it's the right thing to do and will support a higher playing level at the tournament. For U11 and U13 nothing changes.

Entries are now open and here you can find the U11-U15 documents:

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