Jeroen De Vries

Jeroen De Vries

How did you end up in the badminton world?

The main reason I ended up playing badminton were my parents. They both played badminton, and since I was a child, I always wanted to join them. So, when I was in the fifth year of elementary school (the earliest age you could join OLVE badminton back then), I started 'training'.

How did you end up in the JOT Team?

In the last years of the IYT (the ancestor of the current JOT) I helped a bit during the tournament. It was such a pitty when it was cancelled that we wanted to revive it with a group of friends. Under the leadership of some people who used to be in the IYT organisation team (like Hans, Ronald and Lut), we revamped the tournament, and founded the JOT.

What do you do when you´re not busy with badminton?

I work as a software engineer in a Belgian bank. Besides that, my main hobbies are badminton and horse riding.

What do you do in the JOT Team?

Fully in the line with my job, I've been JOT's IT guy for the last 11 years. I maintained the website, and made sure everything worked during the tournament. Besides that, together with Marc, I coordinated most badminton related tasks during the tournament.

As from the 2014 tournament on, I replace Hans as the Tournament director. As Tournament director, I coordinate the whole tournament. I'm very happy though that I can rely on a very experienced team, so I'm sure my first year as Tournament director will be as smooth as the last few years.

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