Victor Junior OLVE Tournament 2016

JOT 2016


The last shuttle has dropped, the last c'mon shouted and the last victory celebrated of a very successful tournament. It where 3 amazing days with great matches and a fantastic atmosphere. We want to thank everyone that came to our tournament and hope to see you back next year.

Challenge cup 2016

The challenge cup result are online . A great win from Team international (Germany/Finland).

Daylight saving


DO NOT FORGET!!! Sunday morning 2 AM suddenly becomes 3 AM. That's the moment that the annual daylight saving time starts. So the night is an hour shorter but that also means you do not need to wait so long for the second day of the tournament to start!

Tournament latest development


Hi everyone,

I can fully confirm now that the tournament will take place. I want to thank all the teams who are committed to come to the tournament.

However, there are quite a few cancellations. That's why we will rearrange and redraw all disciplines on Friday. We are determined to make it a great weekend for all the players who will be present.

We haven't heard from everyone yet whether they will come to the tournament or not. If you still want to come, even if your team doesn't come to the tournament, please let us know before Thursday evening.

Brussels airport will remain closed up to Friday for now. So for all plane passengers, please try to rebook your tickets to other airports in the neighbourhood (Amsterdam, Charleroi/Brussels South, Oostende, Antwerp).

One last thing: The local police has confirmed us that they will provide extra security for the tournament, and they fully support us in our decision to keep organising the tournament.

Kind Regards,

Jeroen De Vries - Victor JOT Tournament Director

JOT safety


Quick update:

We had a meeting with the local mayor and police responsible, and they confirmed that there is no problem to continue organizing the tournament. They have of course planned extra police patrols around the tournament.

Brussels attacks



We want to thank you all for all the support we received today. It really helped to feel the support from all of you!

We're still going through with the tournament, for the same reasons I gave this morning. We received information from a lot of teams that they will still come to the tournament, thanks a lot all of you for supporting us! There are however also some teams who cancelled their participation. We will decide tomorrow evening how we will handle this. One thing I can already say is that we will allow replacements. So, if you do have a player who's not registered in the tournament yet, but wants to replace one of the players who cancels, do contact us!

About the situation in Brussels:

Public transport started to work again from 16h this afternoon. Brussels airport is still closed, and will stay closed tomorrow. Authorities will evaluate whether it can reopen on Thursday. Some airlines accept reroutings to other airports in the neighbourhood. If that's possible for you, please let us know so we can arrange the necessary transport.

About the situation in Antwerp (near to Edegem, where the tournament takes place):

The situation in Antwerp is completely normal. All public transport works on the normal schedule. Of course, extra police guards places like train stations and the city centre.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on or +32 (0)473 74 33 92

Kind Regards,

Jeroen De Vries - Victor JOT Tournament Director



The draws are online. You can find the draws for u11, u13, u15 HERE

The draws for u17 are also online and you can find them HERE

U17 Circuit 2.0


The list of entered players has been published on Badminton Europe's official website

U17 Circuit


We're very happy, and extremely proud to announce that out U17 will be the first tournament to be part of the brand new Badminton Europe U17 circuit! It's a big recognition for the work we've been doing for more than a decade. This does mean some rules change for our U17. The teams who already inscribed in that category received a mail explaining the rule changes. You can find the adjusted Rules and Information document, specifically for the U17 over here.

As always, please contact us via if you have any questions.

New team members


In 2016 our team will have 3 new members. If you want to know more about them just click on their names.

Yne our new finance lady

Lore our new creative mind

Stef the new webmaster

JOT 2016 Invitation


As each year, during the Easter weekend, OLVE Badminton (Belgium) organises the Victor Junior OLVE Tournament (U11, U13, U15, U17).

Next year, we will be glad to welcome you as from Friday March 25. Our tournament will take place from Saturday March 26 until Monday, March 28 2016.

We have the following documents for you:

We will reply to every e-mail you send us to confirm we received it. If you haven't received a reply after 4 days, we probably haven't received you e-mail.

New this year:

We follow Badminton Europe in it's new age group rules. This means that age groups shift two years instead of one year compared to last year.

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