Victor Junior OLVE Tournament

Challenge cup


Big Congrats to Russia for being the firts team to ever to win the challege cup 3 time in 5 years. The are now the proud owners of our cup!!

Two u17 tournaments


Due to some technical difficulties with our tournament software there are two u17 tournaments visible. The following link is the right tournament with the latest information. u17 tournament

u17 tournament


The entry list for the VICTOR JOT U17 2018 has been published! Less than a month to go!

U17 tournament


All the information about our U17 tournament can be found on the badminton Europe website.



Dear badminton friends,

As each year, during the Easter weekend, OLVE Badminton (Belgium) organises the Victor JOT Tournament (U11, U13, U15, U17). The U17 tournament is part of the badminton Europe U17 circuit. We're still discussing the last points with Badminton Europe, so more information about the U17 tournament will follow later on.

Next year, we will be glad to welcome you as from Friday March 30. Our tournament will take place from Saturday March 31 until Monday, April 2 2018.

  • A document with some general information about the tournamentrules ,about entries and prices for u11, u13 and u 15. (click here)
  • An intention of participation form, which you can use to tell us you will participate to the tournament, but don't know the exact player names yet.(click here)
  • The general entry form for U11, U13 and U15.

We will reply to every e-mail you send us to confirm we received it. If you haven't received a reply after 5 days, we probably haven't received your e-mail.

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