Quinten Hendrix

Hello my name is Quinten Hendrix and I was born in 1996.

I started playing badminton because of my parents. They were both playing in OLVE so when I turned 8 (minimum age you must be to join our club) my parents signed me up for my first badminton class. I was hooked before the end of my first lesson. I learned so much during my 14 years in the badminton world I decided that I wanted to be a trainer. So a few years ago I got my trainers degree, so I could inspire children to play badminton. Currently I’m training the beginner level for 8 to 13 year olds in our club.

When I’m not spending time with playing badminton I’m studying to become a teacher in sports education and geography. In the past I used to practice other sports like athletics and aggressive inline skating. Besides that I’m a very big music fan so once a year you can find me at the mainstage of Rock Werchter.

In the JOT team I’m responsible for the volunteers and a small part of the PR.

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