Victor Junior OLVE Tournament 2015

JOT 2016


JOT 2015 was great, it's time now for us to have a bit of rest, and start preparing JOT 2016. As usual, around Easter, which means March 26, 27 and 28 2016.



You can find lots of pictures (including those of all winners later today) on our Facebook page.

Challenge cup results


I've just put the results of the 2015 Challenge Cup online. Congratulations to Russia for winning this year's cup!

Draws are online


We've just published the draws online! Tournament planning will follow in the next few days.



I've made a venues section with more info about the sports halls. There you can also find some parking alternatives for Den Willecom, where the sports hall parking will be quite crowded.

Photo contest


We'd love to have pictures of you writing JOT 2015 somewhere from as many countries as possible! Chalk board, sand, maybe a power point? Have a look at our Facebook page or at our Twitter account (@Victor_JOT) for the Belgian picture!

JOT 2015 Teams


From now on, you can find all teams participating to Victor JOT 2015 in our Teams section!

Tournament t-shirts


As each year we will have a dashing tournament t-shirt. To make sure you have one, you can pre-order it. Just send us an e-mail at You get a 10% discount if you pre-order. You can pre-order until February 15th.

Updated Document


The price for the youth hostel changed this year, so here you can find an updated Rules and Information document.

JOT 2015 Invitation


As each year, during the Eastern weekend, OLVE Badminton (Belgium) organises the Victor Junior OLVE Tournament (U11, U13, U15, U17).

Next year, we will be glad to welcome you as from Friday April 3. Our tournament will take place from Saturday April 4 until Monday, April 6 2015.

We have the following documents for you:

We will reply on every e-mail you send us to confirm we received it. If you haven't received a reply after 4 days, we probably haven't received you email.

New this year:
On general request, from this year on, we will play an extra day at ┬┤De Nachtegaal┬┤. This to avoid an over crowded and hot Den Willecom on Sunday. This means that we can accept 55 extra players compared to last year. Nothing changes about our rules on entries though (See the Rules and Information document for more info).

We hope to welcome you at our tournament next year!

Victor JOT 2015 announcement


After 2014's awesome edition, we will of course continue to organise the Victor JOT Tournament. As each year, this will take place during the Easter weekend.

For 2015 this meant, April 4-5-6

Inscriptions will start on September the 15th. This is a bit later than previous years, due to our holiday planning. One big change this year is that we're looking into playing in two halls on Sunday. It's not 100% sure that it will be possible yet, but as a lot of the coaches requested this last year, we're doing everything we can to get this organised.

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